With nearly thirty years of combined experience in Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) in Turkey, a group of educational and academic consultants as well as commercial professionals have enthusiastically set up Elodi Education company. Elodi is determined to apply all of our previous experience, academic competence and commercial integrity to provide the best possible service for institutions, students, parents and providers of FLT materials. We are simultaneously the youngest and yet quite an experienced company in the fast-growing FLT sector in the country, and we aim to bring you the best, the unique, and the truly novel.

Today’s children are immersed in an expeditiously improving hi-tech world. Kids meet digital products at quite an early age and it does not take long for them to master all the subtleties of such products. This is why Elodi Education focuses on digital FLT products as well as the classic -- or ‘hard copy’ -- FLT materials.

However, use of authentic materials in the FLT sector has increasingly become the preferred approach of many teachers. We at Elodi Education devote significant time and energy to researching and discovering authentic materials that foreign language teachers, students and their parents appreciate and enjoy.

Elodi Education looks forward to becoming the preferred company in this area based on its academic focus, commercial honesty, and the energy of its employees. Please do not hesitate to share your comments, criticism and most importantly, your ideas with us!